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Welcome to Jersey Shore Gamecocks

Hello, fellow Gamecocks!

We are excited to launch our first blog post for the Jersey Shore Gamecocks, your go-to platform for everything related to our beloved University of South Carolina. This platform was created with you in mind - all alumni, association members, and devoted supporters of USC residing on the Jersey Shore.

First and foremost, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our passionate volunteer leaders. Their selfless dedication and commitment have been instrumental in establishing this platform. They are the backbone of our association, working tirelessly to keep the Gamecock spirit alive and thriving in the Jersey Shore.

And now, we have some exciting news: Our new website,, is now live! This website serves as our online hub where you can access news, events, activities, and opportunities for involvement. From updates about the USC to upcoming football watch parties, we aim to provide all the information you need at your fingertips.

In addition, we're excited to announce that we are present on social media too! Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get the latest updates, news, and happenings related to the Jersey Shore Gamecocks. By following our pages, you will not only stay informed but also become a part of our growing online community.

We encourage you, whether you're an alum, current student, or a proud supporter of USC, to join our Alumni Association. Membership offers you the opportunity to stay connected with your alma mater, make a real impact, participate in special events, and build networks that extend beyond your time at USC.

To those seeking to make the most of their association membership, we aim to hold business networking events. These events serve as an excellent opportunity for you to connect with other Gamecocks, explore potential collaborations, and expand your professional network.

And finally, to all our Gamecocks out there, we want you to be involved. Whether it's by attending events, volunteering your time, or simply showing your Gamecock pride, there is a place for everyone in our community. Remember, every gesture, no matter how small, contributes to the strength and vitality of our association.

As Gamecocks, we share a unique bond and a collective pride in our university. Here's to harnessing that energy to foster a vibrant and engaged Jersey Shore Gamecocks community!

Go Gamecocks!


Matt Schreiber

Club Chair, Jersey Shore Gamecocks

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